So the story goes like this: On May 3, 2017, Dan Yamamoto of Wandering Westie (link) asked the world of social media what kind of shirts they wanted him to make. One of those answers happened to be (yep you guessed it) “The Stephen White Fan Club.”

Somehow, which still slightly mystifies me, people actually started buying the shirts, and this gag became a reality. I figured, if someone was going to wear my face plastered to their chest, the least I could do was pay it forward. I began offering 20% off private instruction to anyone who wore a SFWC shirt to their lesson.

As even more shirts began to sell, I took over the design from Wandering Westie and have slowly been adding more incentives to being a part of the SWFC. I still offer 20% off when you wear your shirt to private lessons, and that shirt can also be your free ticket to the SWFC parties I periodically throw. Oh, and they also get you entries into the contests at the parties to win some extra giveaways.

I’ve got some new ideas in the works that should be launching soon, so stay tuned for more shenanigans!

All shirt orders are done online and shipped directly at (shopify link), but if you’re looking to try them on in person, contact Laura Hunter (the Captain of the SWFC) to arrange a fitting at your next event!

The SWFC started out as a joke...

(Like so many other wonderful things)